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Dear Friends & Family,

Over a year ago, I launched a campaign for US Senate to make our state and country a better place for my children and yours. Since then, we’ve built a campaign that has us on a path to defeating Sherrod Brown this November. We’ve led him in every public poll and we’ve been the top fundraising Republican challenger in the country.

That being said, I was raised to believe that family always comes first. I still remember the first two words of advice my father gave me when Ilana and I had our first child: “Be there.” These were the same two words his father told him when I was born.

We recently learned that my wife has a health issue that will require my time, attention and presence. In other words, I need to be there.

Understanding and dealing with this health issue is more important to me than any political campaign. For as long as that takes, whether it is months or years, it is important that I heed my dad’s advice and be there for my wife and our kids.

After recent discussions with our family and healthcare professionals, it has become clear to us that it’s no longer possible for me to be away from home and on the campaign trail for the time needed to run a US Senate race.

Therefore, I’m writing today to let you know that I am ending my campaign for US Senate in order to be there for my wife and our three children. This was a difficult decision for us, but it’s the right one.

While unexpected, I accept that this change of course is what God has in store for our family at this time. As we read in the Book of Proverbs, “Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it’s God’s purpose that prevails.”

The issues facing our country are profound and I believe we had a voice and perspective better than the current one in the office. At the same time, I think it’s important to acknowledge the respect I have for Senator Brown for having the passion to advocate for his beliefs and, as Teddy Roosevelt once aptly said, the courage to be “The Man in the Arena.”

I will continue to serve out the remainder of my term as State Treasurer and hope to have the opportunity to serve my state and country again in the future. But in the meantime, I must put my family first. I’m grateful for your understanding.



Sec’y of  State JON HUSTED – Candidate for Gov. of Ohio


7 PM to 8:30 PM


Washington Heights Baptist Church

5650 Far Hills Avenue, Dayton, OH 45429

Mr. Jon Husted is the first candidate for Governor of Ohio who is taking time in a very busy campaign schedule to speak directly to Miami Valley Citizens Informed.  Be sure to come and hear directly from Mr. Husted why he would like your vote  in the GOP Primary election next May 2018.
Bio supplied by Husted campaign:

Jon Husted is currently the Secretary of State of Ohio and …..Republican candidate for Governor in 2018. He describes himself as a Christian, a Conservative, and a Republican – in that order.

Adopted as a child, Jon Husted is steadfastly pro-life and believes passionately that every child deserves a chance. He is a lifelong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and is the only statewide official – and the only candidate for Governor – to have ever earned an A+ Rating from the National Rifle Association (NRA). 

As Secretary of State, Jon Husted has led the charge against elections fraud, removing the registrations of over 600,000 deceased voters and 1.7 million voters who were registered to vote at more than one address. He is the only Secretary of State to have performed a voter fraud review after every election to hold cheaters accountable and he launched the first-ever system to keep non-citizens from voting in the state. Under his leadership, Ohio also made it easier for service members and military families to cast their ballots – even earning Ohio All-Star State status from the national association of the United States Army. 

Since taking office, Jon Husted has also revolutionized the way entrepreneurs interact with the state, cutting the time it takes to register a new business from four days to under four hours. These efficiencies allowed him to cut the cost for starting and maintaining a business in Ohio by 21 percent – making Ohio the least costly state in the Midwest. 

As Secretary of State, Jon Husted has used nearly 40 percent fewer staff than his predecessor and cut his budget by over $14 million in his first term alone. In 2015, he was the only statewide official to request a cut, not an increase, in his budget and in 2017, he became the first known official in the state’s history to end his office’s reliance on tax dollars entirely – requesting $0 in the most recent budget. 

Jon Husted was raised in Northwest Ohio’s Williams County and graduated from the University of Dayton with both a bachelor’s and master’s degree. While at UD, he starred on the Dayton Flyers’ Football Team and was honored as an All-American Defensive Back and played on the 1989 Division II National Football Team. 

Jon Husted considers his most important roles to be husband to his wife, Tina, and father to Alex, Katie and Kylie.  

See you all on Monday, November 13th!



PRO-CON or CON-CON:  The Great Debate

We have been told that the concept of a Convention of States is in the Constitution.  In this video, David Whitney of the Institute On The Constitution (IOTC) reveals the falsehood behind this idea and contrasts it with our first two Constitutional conventions which took place in 1776 and 1787.  Both conventions brought forth a new government which begs the question:  “Is an Article V Convention the last hope for America or a dangerous idea?”

There is a nationwide push asking Congress to call a convention to propose amendments.  The amendments often spoke of are a Federal Balanced Budget Amendment and a Term-limits Amendment.  Perhaps you have received emails requesting that you support such a Convention of States to put these amendments into our Constitution.  Sounds good…but is it!

David Whitney will share the information necessary to decide this question.  He will address the history and the events surrounding the crafting of our Constitution.  

An informed public is a secure public! Don’t miss this chance to learn the facts!




TUESDAY – due to Labor Day
7 PM to 8:30 PM
Washington Heights Baptist Church
5650 Far Hills Avenue, Dayton Ohio 45429
School is back in session, pumpkins are growing on the vine, and MVCI is back from a summer break!  Hope to see you at our meeting!
It is not difficult to see that our nation is being divided along many lines including the ongoing debate between Capitalism and Socialism.  Many college students leave University convinced that socialism is the preferred form of government.  Capitalism has become associated, not with free markets, but with greed and “social injustice.”
The outcome of the Presidential election will definitely move the United States in one direction or the other based on which candidate prevails.  Are we informed and conversant enough to share the facts, the real facts, about both socialism and capitalism?  Be sure to come on Tuesday, Sept. 6th to watch this excellent 30 min. film: 
“Is Capitalism Moral?”
A 5 min. classroom illustration by Dr. Walter E. Williams speaking for Prager U.
In addition, we are excited excited to introduce you to:
Mr. Jake Meinzer SW Field Rep. for the National  Rifle Association (NRA).  Jake will be sharing with you about what you can do to elect Pro-2nd Amendment candidates.
Looking forward to seeing you again on Tuesday, Sept. 6th at 7 PM.


In 2012 citizens of Kettering joined in an effort to put two issues on the ballot with the purpose of rolling back excesses of local government in City of Kettering, Ohio.  The community, in a bipartisan endeavor, successfully passed two reforms which addressed the issue of term limits and aligning salaries of Kettering City Councilman with the salaries of similar neighboring community elected officials. However, now it has been discovered that the Kettering City Council is seeking to UNDO the voice and the vote of the people of Kettering. 
Please contact Mr. Ron Alban at the email or phone number belowYou do not have to be a resident of Kettering to help in this fight for the voice of the people.  Let us join our fellow conservative citizens of Kettering and reject this newest attempt of politicians “taking care of themselves” over the welfare of the community.
Citizens for a Better Kettering
(a non-partisan ballot issue political action committee)

Kettering Voters Matter.
We placed two charter reforms on the 2012 ballot that were handily approved by Kettering voters:
      • Term limits on Council – (approved 62% to 38%).
      • Reforms of how Council went about paying itself  –                    (approved 55% to 45%).
Recently, a committee appointed by the Mayor recommended that the term limits be gutted by exempting the Mayor from term limits and lengthening limits on other Council members from 8 to 12 years.
So now………………………….
……..we are seeking to collect the signatures of Kettering registered voters to place the following proposed charter reforms on the November 2016 ballot:

1. Protect the term limits the voters approved in 2012 by prohibiting Council from proposing charter amendments on term limits, Council pay, and the citizen initiative process.

 2. Require citizen input be heard at Council meetings before votes are taken on ordinances and resolutions.

 3. Transparency of city employment costs. Require the publication and mailing of a report every odd-numbered year to Kettering voters that sets forth the pay and benefits of the 15 highest paid city employees, the 15 lowest paid city employees, and the 15 city employees surrounding the median pay.

 4. Require that voters elect the person to fill a Council vacancy, instead of Council appointing a successor.

 5. Enable residents to bring legal proceedings to enforce compliance with the city charter.

Paid for by Citizens for a Better Kettering, Ronald Alban, Treasurer, 3313 Lenox Drive, Kettering, OH 45429.

“Why Are Europe & the USA Permitting Islam To Take Over Their Lands?”

MONDAY, MAY 2nd from 7 to 8:30 PM


5650 Far Hills Avenue, Dayton, Ohio 45459

 ph.png (227×200)

U.S. Constitutional expert, Publius Huldah, is our featured guest speaker and she will be addressing the issues of why Western Europe as well as the United States are permitting Islamists to take over their lands; how our Declaration of Independence and Constitution, properly understood, authorize our federal government to stop the Islamic takeover of our Country; how the States should respond when the federal government refuses to protect us; and how the States should respond to federal attempts to resettle Islamists within their state boundaries.  PLEASE INVITE YOUR ELECTED OFFICIAL TO THIS EVENT!

We will also have a Q & A time for questions on this and other issues related to our Constitution.

Publius Huldah
Lawyer, philosopher & logician. 
PH is a strict constructionist of the U.S. Constitution and is passionate about The Federalist Papers, restoring constitutional government, the writings of Ayn Rand and the Bible…..”There is no such thing as Jew and Greek, slave and freeman, male and female, black and white, for we are all one in Christ Jesus.” She also writes legal and Constitutional commentary at her website: 

Publius was the pen name used by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay when, during 1787 and 1788, they wrote The Federalist Papers to explain the proposed Constitution and sought to induce The People to ratify it.                                                          

Huldah is the prophet at 2 Kings 22.  The Book of the Law had been lost for a long time.  When it was found, it was taken to Huldah who gave guidance about it to the king and his priests.

MONDAY, APRIL 4, 2016 – 7 to 8:30 PM



“When filmmaker, Curtis Bowers hit the road in 2010 with his film AGENDA, people began to wake up. AGENDA became one of the best selling independent documentaries of all time, and grass roots America finally had a tool to connect the dots.

As he continued to travel, Bowers found that people were overwhelmed by the seeming myriad of issues they were facing. From the promotion of Islam to the propaganda of climate change, from the deceit of Common Core to the manufactured economic crisis……. it seemed as if America had a hundred different enemies with a hundred different agendas. But (Bowers) knew from his research that wasn’t the case.”



_______________________________________________UPCOMING MEETINGS FOR MAY AND JUNE:

 MONDAY, MAY 2 –  from Tennessee to Dayton to speak at our MVCI meeting, nationally renowned Constitutional expert, Publius Huldah, will share about the relationship and conflict of our U.S. Constitution with the religion of Islam. She will also have a Q&A and will address various topics including the controversial “Convention of the States ( COS ) also known as an Article V Convention.”


Our original speaker for this April’s meeting had been Jake Macauley, CEO of the INSTITUTE ON THE CONSTITUTION. Due to family needs Jake changed his meeting with us to MONDAY, June 6.  

NOTE: If you belong to a church, a school or an organization that would like to hear about IOTC and the various wonderful classes it offers to adults, middle and high schoolers ( public, private or home school) please contact us at and we will seek to find a time to have Jake talk with you while he is here in our area.


OLC Statewide Event

“Times that Try Men’s Souls”

Saturday, April 16, 2016
from 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM


Grace Chapel Community Church

7798 Big Walnut Road,  Westerville, OH 43082




The Program is being finalized but these are in the line up so far.

  • Buckeye Firearms Presenters Joe Eaton & Clint Lake on Gun Myths
  • Dr. Kelly Kohls on Education Cartels
  • Gerhard Maroscher: Why Can’t Somebody Die Around Here? (This is the title of his autobiography about his family’s life during WWII in Germany and their eventual emigration to America and citizenship) Gerhard will have his books for sale after his presentation for the price of $26.70 each. He is a great speaker.

k9889128.jpg (170×170)
  7:00 TO 8:30 PM
Come and learn from the candidates themselves where they stand on issues affecting you, your family and our community.
  –  Judge Pat Fischer / Judge Colleen O’Toole 
 Montgomery County Commissioner
    –  Mr. Don Birdsall / Mr. Gary Leitzell 
 Montgomery County Commissioner
  –  Mr. Robert Matthews / Ms. Charlotte McQuire
Ohio State Senator – District 6
  –  Sen. Peggy Lehner  / Ms. Barbara Temple
State GOP Central Committee 
  –  Mr. Pat Flanagan / Mr. Ben Jones
State GOP Central Committee
  –  Ms. Christy K. Jones / Ms. Judy Westbrock –
               Last Day to register to vote –      February 16th
Early Voting begins February 17th. 
Last Day to Vote in person – Monday, March 14th – 8 am to 2 pm
Election Day – March 15th –  6:30 am to 7:30 pm

On the Meaning of “Natural Born Citizen”  Harvard Law Review Forum

We have both had the privilege of heading the Office of the Solicitor General during different administrations. We may have different ideas about the ideal candidate in the next presidential election, but we agree on one important principle: voters should be able to choose from all constitutionally eligible candidates, free from spurious arguments that a U.S. citizen at birth is somehow not constitutionally eligible to serve as President simply because he was delivered at a hospital abroad.

The Constitution directly addresses the minimum qualifications necessary to serve as President. In addition to requiring thirty-five years of age and fourteen years of residency, the Constitution limits the presidency to “a natural born Citizen.”1× All the sources routinely used to interpret the Constitution confirm that the phrase “natural born Citizen” has a specific meaning: namely, someone who was a U.S. citizen at birth with no need to go through a naturalization proceeding at some later time. And Congress has made equally clear from the time of the framing of the Constitution to the current day that, subject to certain residency requirements on the parents, someone born to a U.S. citizen parent generally becomes a U.S. citizen without regard to whether the birth takes place in Canada, the Canal Zone, or the continental United States.2×

While some constitutional issues are truly difficult, with framing-era sources either nonexistent or contradictory, here, the relevant materials clearly indicate that a “natural born Citizen” means a citizen from birth with no need to go through naturalization proceedings. The Supreme Court has long recognized that two particularly useful sources in understanding constitutional terms are British common law3× and enactments of the First Congress.4×Both confirm that the original meaning of the phrase “natural born Citizen” includes persons born abroad who are citizens from birth based on the citizenship of a parent.

As to the British practice, laws in force in the 1700s recognized that children born outside of the British Empire to subjects of the Crown were subjects themselves and explicitly used “natural born” to encompass such children.5× These statutes provided that children born abroad to subjects of the British Empire were “natural-born Subjects . . . to all Intents, Constructions, and Purposeswhatsoever.”6× The Framers, of course, would have been intimately familiar with these statutes and the way they used terms like “natural born,” since the statutes were binding law in the colonies before the Revolutionary War. They were also well documented in Blackstone’sCommentaries,7× a text widely circulated and read by the Framers and routinely invoked in interpreting the Constitution.

No doubt informed by this longstanding tradition, just three years after the drafting of the Constitution, the First Congress established that children born abroad to U.S. citizens were U.S. citizens at birth, and explicitly recognized that such children were “natural born Citizens.” The Naturalization Act of 17908× provided that “the children of citizens of the United States, that may be born beyond sea, or out of the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural born citizens: Provided, That the right of citizenship shall not descend to persons whose fathers have never been resident in the United States . . . .”9× The actions and understandings of the First Congress are particularly persuasive because so many of the Framers of the Constitution were also members of the First Congress. That is particularly true in this instance, as eight of the eleven members of the committee that proposed the natural born eligibility requirement to the Convention served in the First Congress and none objected to a definition of “natural born Citizen” that included persons born abroad to citizen parents.10×

The proviso in the Naturalization Act of 1790 underscores that while the concept of “natural born Citizen” has remained constant and plainly includes someone who is a citizen from birth by descent without the need to undergo naturalization proceedings, the details of which individuals born abroad to a citizen parent qualify as citizens from birth have changed. The pre-Revolution British statutes sometimes focused on paternity such that only children of citizen fathers were granted citizenship at birth.11× The Naturalization Act of 1790 expanded the class of citizens at birth to include children born abroad of citizen mothers as long as the father had at least been resident in the United States at some point. But Congress eliminated that differential treatment of citizen mothers and fathers before any of the potential candidates in the current presidential election were born. Thus, in the relevant time period, and subject to certain residency requirements, children born abroad of a citizen parent were citizens from the moment of birth, and thus are “natural born Citizens.”

The original meaning of “natural born Citizen” also comports with what we know of the Framers’ purpose in including this language in the Constitution. The phrase first appeared in the draft Constitution shortly after George Washington received a letter from John Jay, the future first Chief Justice of the United States, suggesting:

[W]hether it would not be wise & seasonable to provide a . . . strong check to the admission of Foreigners into the administration of our national Government; and to declare expressly that the Command in chief of the american [sic] army shall not be given to, nor devolve on, any but a naturalborn Citizen.12×

As recounted by Justice Joseph Story in his famous Commentaries on the Constitution, the purpose of the natural born Citizen clause was thus to “cut[] off all chances for ambitious foreigners, who might otherwise be intriguing for the office; and interpose[] a barrier against those corrupt interferences of foreign governments in executive elections.”13× The Framers did not fear such machinations from those who were U.S. citizens from birth just because of the happenstance of a foreign birthplace. Indeed, John Jay’s own children were born abroad while he served on diplomatic assignments, and it would be absurd to conclude that Jay proposed to exclude his own children, as foreigners of dubious loyalty, from presidential eligibility.14×

While the field of candidates for the next presidential election is still taking shape, at least one potential candidate, Senator Ted Cruz, was born in a Canadian hospital to a U.S. citizen mother.15× Despite the happenstance of a birth across the border, there is no question that Senator Cruz has been a citizen from birth and is thus a “natural born Citizen” within the meaning of the Constitution. Indeed, because his father had also been resident in the United States, Senator Cruz would have been a “natural born Citizen” even under the Naturalization Act of 1790. Similarly, in 2008, one of the two major party candidates for President, Senator John McCain, was born outside the United States on a U.S. military base in the Panama Canal Zone to a U.S. citizen parent.16× Despite a few spurious suggestions to the contrary, there is no serious question that Senator McCain was fully eligible to serve as President, wholly apart from any murky debate about the precise sovereign status of the Panama Canal Zone at the time of Senator McCain’s birth.17× Indeed, this aspect of Senator McCain’s candidacy was a source of bipartisan accord. The U.S. Senate unanimously agreed that Senator McCain was eligible for the presidency, resolving that any interpretation of the natural born citizenship clause as limited to those born within the United States was “inconsistent with the purpose and intent of the ‘natural born Citizen’ clause of the Constitution of the United States, as evidenced by the First Congress’s own statute defining the term ‘natural born Citizen.’”18× And for the same reasons, both Senator Barry Goldwater and Governor George Romney were eligible to serve as President although neither was born within a state. Senator Goldwater was born in Arizona before its statehood and was the Republican Party’s presidential nominee in 1964,19× and Governor Romney was born in Mexico to U.S. citizen parents and unsuccessfully pursued the Republican nomination for President in1968.20×

There are plenty of serious issues to debate in the upcoming presidential election cycle. The less time spent dealing with specious objections to candidate eligibility, the better. Fortunately, the Constitution is refreshingly clear on these eligibility issues. To serve, an individual must be at least thirty-five years old and a “natural born Citizen.” Thirty-four and a half is not enough and, for better or worse, a naturalized citizen cannot serve. But as Congress has recognized since the Founding, a person born abroad to a U.S. citizen parent is generally a U.S. citizen from birth with no need for naturalization. And the phrase “natural born Citizen” in the Constitution encompasses all such citizens from birth. Thus, an individual born to a U.S. citizen parent — whether in California or Canada or the Canal Zone — is a U.S. citizen from birth and is fully eligible to serve as President if the people so choose.

Next MVCI meeting is Monday February 1, 2016
No meeting in January